Cardio Equipment

We have treadmills and ellipticals available for a great aerobic work out. Aerobic exercise is fantastic for burning fat - the ultimate key in dropping unwanted pounds. Each machine has a variety of programs to choose from so you get the best work out to help you reach your goals.  Just 30 minutes a day of aerobic exercise is not only great for losing weight but is vital to improve heart health as well.  An added bonus, it is a great stress reliever.


Weight Room / Free Weights

Our weight room includes benches and free weights to provide you another level of training.  Whether you use free weights as a supplement or as your primary strengthening work out, you will be pleased by the resulting muscle definition and sculpting they give.


TRX Suspension Training System

TRX is a unique and innovative suspension training program that improves strength, balance, flexibility and core stability.  It is a total body conditioning work out that uses functional everyday moves with your own body weight.  There are virtually hundreds of exercises you can do so you will never be bored and your body will constantly be challenged.


Weight Machines

Our weight machines are designed specifically for women and are adjustable for height and fitness level. They are easy to use and are effective at increasing muscle strength and endurance.  We will train you on how to use the machines to safely get the most from your workout.